Tres Leches Hair Milk Collection

Tres Leches Hair Milk Collection


The Tres Leches Hair Milk Collection is HAIR! 

This is a bomb combination to start the Wash day off right ….

Many hair and scalp benefits are associated with The Hair Milk Collection. 

  • Assists in absorption of the nutrients; therefore, enhancing moisture retention and providing great hydration

  • Keeps your hair soft and manageable.

  • Prevents hair thinning and hair loss while stimulating growth and strength of each hair strand while promoting hair count.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties prevents itching, drying, and other scalp/skin problems that keeps hair follicles healthy.

  • Natural dandruff solution, which prevents dandruff and flakes.

  • The perfect essential fatty acid ratio helps maintain the scalp’s optimum health, preventing scalp and hair damage.

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