Box of Chocolate - Valentine's Day Collection

Box of Chocolate - Valentine's Day Collection


Chocolate Dreams for your Tresses..

Did you know that —Chocolate makes everything better?

Key Ingredient Benefits:

Chocolate-contains Copper, Zinc &magnesium. These minerals contribute to cell growth and result in an increased flow of oxygen and blood to your scalp which can ultimately lead to healthier hair while strengthen the shaft. Zinc & Copper also promote hair growth and leave you with a lustrous look and feel to the coils. An added bonus is that they both also contribute to hair growth.

Amla (Ayurvedic) Powder-powder is made from the ground-up leaves of the Indian gooseberry. It’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Hair benefit include:

  • condition your scalp

  • promote healthy hair growth

  • improve the tone of henna hair dyes

  • minimize grays

  • boost volume

  • reduce dandruff

  • treat head lice

Cocoa Butter-is a hydration butter, frizz fighting and sheen-promoting moisture locking is an added bonus.

Cacao-acts as a circulation booster, it aides in helping to reduce hair loss.

Yogurt - The benefits of yogurt for hair are endless. The high protein content in natural yogurt makes it an amazing natural hair conditioner for rejuvenating dry and rough hair. It is also an effective home remedy for dandruff and itchy scalp.

Melted Chocolate? Yogurt and Cocoa Conditioning Shampoo

Ingredients: Water, Castile Soap (Coconut Derived), Chocolate, Cocoa, Yogurt, Mango, Sal, Cacoa, Almond, Aloe Juice

Love you? Knot Detangle Style & Condition

Ingredients: Water, Organic Chocolate, Cocoa Seed, Shea Butter, Castir, Illpie, Sal Butter, Macadamia, Marshmallow Root and Fracgrance Free Chocolate Scent.

Chocolate Dipped? Yogurt Chocolate Styling Cream

Ingredients: Water, Cacao, Yogurt, Shea, Mango, Almond, Caranuba Wax, Illipe, Sal, Grapeseed, Honey Quat, Cotton Seed.

Chocolate Pudding? Cocoa Chovolate & Amla Deep Conditioner

Ingredients: Water, Cacao, Amla, Mango, Illipe, Sal, Grapeseed, Honey Quat, Cotton Seed.

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