Blueberry Yogurt Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Blueberry Yogurt Deep Conditioning Hair Mask


This deep conditioner will leave you speechless!!

Benefits of yogurt in your hair.. Yogurt, as we all know is a best remedy both for the skin as well as for the perfect hair growth. Yogurt contains a high percentage of lactic acid. The milk proteins in yogurt instantly nourish hair cuticles while adding natural volume. Yogurt's rich proteins will also assist in strengthening your strands. It will also help soften dry and brittle strands while imparting a beautiful shimmering shine. The term blueberry comes from the added blueberry seed oil & butter to this mask for the rich antioxidants. Blueberry Seed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids. Each little berry is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants to help keep the body healthy. They also are known for nourishing the hair to help a person’s crowning glory grow.

Honey's Handmade Blue berry yogurt Conditioning Mask: Phenomenal conditioning and moisturizing coils


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Aloe Butter, Soy Butter, Shea Olein, Yogurt, Blueberry, Raw Honey, cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran oil


Instructions: How to use: Apply the hair mask into detangled damp hair which has been separated into individual sections. Once the mask has been applied to all of the hair, cover with plastic shower cap or wrap this will allow the mask to penetrate more deeply into the strands. Leave hair mask on strands for 30 minutes, or longer if desired. Rinse mask out of the hair with lukewarm water. Cleanse with a mild moisturizing shampoo. Rinse shampoo out of hair. Finish with a cool or cold water rinse. Follow with your favorite leave-in conditioner. Use monthly to naturally amplify hair.

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