Melba's Peppermint Deep Penetrating Hair Mask


The memory surrounding peppermints. Well we all know that one elder lady in church with all the mints? That lady was my mama— can’t get...

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The memory surrounding peppermints. Well we all know that one elder lady in church with all the mints? That lady was my mama— can’t get any better than that. Even around the holidays during Christmas we had to have real pine Christmas trees and an abundance of peppermint candy canes. This deep penetrating mask will leave your coils feeling refreshed with a hint of tingle. It will help restore curl patterns that have been tarnished by heat damage. And for those that just like an awesome hair mask this one's for you.

Stuffing's: Distilled H20, Babassu, Mowrah, Coconut Butter, Peppermint, Honeyquat, Tea Tree & Peppermint.

How to use: Wet hair thoroughly. Apply mask on to sectioned hair. For best results apply heat (Thermal Cap or Steamer) let set for 15-20 min. Rinse with lukewarm water to loc moisture and style as desired.

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When I first purchased this product, it was Black Friday and I purchased 3 after watching a review from M.A.D. Curls on YouTube. Yes I know it was a complete impulse buy, but the scent of peppermint is nostalgic for me as well, and I love mint in my hair products. LET ME TELL YOU! Say goodbye to your holy grail deep conditioners they sell at Target or Sally’s, this is truly on my top #2 deep conditioners, with the #1 being one of the other deep conditioners from this brand. My hair felt amazing, it felt like I was rinsing silk out of my hair after deep conditioning for about an hour (15 minutes with the hooded cap). I noticed a huge difference in the health, shine, and bounce of my curls, each time I washed my hair. I went through one jar in about four to five uses, which is really good for me. If you had a bigger size I would buy it, and if you had an entire line dedicated to this scent and the ingredients, I would buy it! I hope one day you do ❤️! Don’t even get me started about the scent, I just open up the jar even when not deep conditioning just to smell it. It smells so pleasant and good I don’t even want to rinse it out. I have even used the product in a Cassia Obovata (neutral henna) gloss, which was amazing! I highly recommend and can’t wait to stock up on this once I make my next purchase!!


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