Honey’s Handmade curates natural plant-based hair and skincare products. Or products are multi-culturally diverse and designed for any individual that desires a natural toxin free wholesome ingredient filled product produced in small batches.  Our products have been formulated with carrier oils such as (coconut oil, safflower, sweet almond, grape-seed, avocado and so on…). All products are cruelty free (no animal testing).

There are NEVER any harmful chemical agents in our formulas. 
No Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Petroleum or Drying Alcohols. All preservatives used are plant derived and both paraben and formaldehyde free.



Avocado Oil is the best carrier oil for soft, vibrant hair and aides in promoting hair growth. Protects ends and mends split-ends and breakage.


Castor oil promotes for hair growth and more. This oil attracts and helps retain moisture in the hair.


Coconut Oil aides in hydration and seals and protects hair from heat and chemical damage.


Apricot kernel oil comes from the kernels of apricot. Apricot oil is a great source for vitamin A and E. This oil can be used to help seal ends and to help prevent split ends. It’s also great to treat dandruff and other issues pertaining a dry scalp.


Olive Oil provides an abundance of moisture it also aides in helping dandruff and combats dry frizzy hair.


Olive Oil provides an abundance of moisture it also aides in helping dandruff and combats dry frizzy hair.


Grapeseed Oil is an antioxidant oil that is rich in fatty acids and proteins which absorb quickly into the hair. Grape seed oil leaves hair smooth, sleek, and shiny.


Shea Butter (East African) is full of vitamin A & E and full of fatty acids. This butter moisturizes and repairs damaged hair by providing elasticity to coils and heals dry skin.  and scalp. It is also known for its sun-blocking and humectant properties.


Jojoba Oil has many factors conditions and moisturizes and helps aid hair loss.


Raw Honey is a humectant and it regulates moisturizes the hair. Honey promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles.